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The benefits of wave power

Wave power generators are inherently ecologically-friendly. Without a need for fossil fuels, and with no harmful chemicals released, wave power stations such as the “Duck” and the “Sea Snake” do not pollute our atmosphere or deplete the earth’s supply of non-renewable fuels. They are also quiet in operation with many turbines emitting less noise than a vacuum cleaner, so there is practically no noise pollution either.

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Scotland Government to award $15 million as ocean energy prize

“We have approved 17 renewables projects totalling 1.5 Gigawatts of capacity since May 2007. In just over 18 months, we have determined more energy applications than over the whole of the previous four years.

“Scotland’s energy opportunities are being recognised internationally, given their global significance in addressing the challenges of energy security and climate change.

“The European Commission identified the North Sea ‘Supergrid’ concept – to export future marine energy surplus – as an EU infrastructure priority. And we launched the Scottish European Green Energy Centre, putting Scotland at the heart of pan-European research.

“The 33 registrations of interest in the Saltire Prize illustrate that our clean, green energy potential is a spark burning bright in the Scottish economic firmament.”

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Energy research centre gets €5m funding

“For future economic growth, this is one of the few areas where a positive outlook is guaranteed. If we can upscale our energy research and take a more co-ordinated approach nationally, there is a clear opportunity for Ireland to take a leadership role in this critical field.”

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Wind Energy from Ocean Surface

Ideally, offshore wind farms should be situated in locales where winds blow continuously at high speeds. The new research discovers such areas and presents clarifications for the physical mechanisms that produce the high winds.

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Taranaki billed as a top spot for wave energy

“Around Taranaki it would be more attractive to develop the technology with waves not tides,” Dr Huckerby said. “You would not be able to see the devices due to the curvature of the earth and, in some instances, the device is completely submerged.”

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Wave farm planned for Pentland Firth

Marine Current Turbines said it plans to apply for a lease to deploy its technology in the firth, which the First Minister said could be the epicentre of Scotland’s future in renewable energy.

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Xenesys OTEC demonstration model

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

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Hawaii to develop 10 megawatt ocean thermal energy conversion pilot plant

“As island economies in the Pacific, Taiwan and the State of Hawaii share very similar challenges of overdependence on imported petroleum for their energy needs,” Governor Lingle said. “Taiwan and Hawaii also share a common vision and plan to increase renewable and clean energy generation based on indigenous energy resources.”

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UK holds half of Europe’s wave energy potential

New report suggests Great Britain could derive 20 percent of energy needs from ocean power, with electricity production valued at as much as £190 million annually. The U.K. is the global leader in marine energy, with both the government policies and natural resources to derive 20 percent of its energy needs from wave and tidal [...]

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